24 Jan 2024

CAPA Spain presents the docuseries (P)Ícaro: El Pequeño Nicolás

CAPA Spain presents the docuseries (P)Ícaro: El Pequeño Nicolás

Netflix today announced the premiere of the docuseries (P)Ícaro: El Pequeño Nicolás directed by Tomás Ocaña and created with Adolfo Moreno.  In the three episodes, Grupo iZen's investigative production company CAPA España offers a rigorous account of the life of Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias, known as El Pequeño Nicolás.

This is the incredible story of the rise and fall of El Pequeño Nicolás, the Spanish rogue who put the government in check. A young man who, at just 14 years old, went from public relations in nightclubs to hobnobbing with politicians, businessmen, secret services and even the Royal House. A life of business, travel, seduction, palaces, commissions and parties until his arrest was ordered in 2014. The docuseries addresses unknowns and narrates, through different protagonists and unpublished material, the most controversial moments of his case.

Watch the trailer here.