Gala Inocente, Inocente

Gala Inocente, Inocente
Género: Charity event
Fecha de emisión: 2021
Cadena: TVE1
The Gala Inocente, Inocente 2021 raised more than 1.9 million euros live, 300,000 euros more than the previous edition, which will be used to help children suffering from cancer and their families. The sports journalist Juanma Castaño, the singer Rozalén, the actress Carmina Barrios, the writer Boris Izaguirre, the cyclist Alejandro Valverde, and the Atlético de Madrid player Deyna Castellano, were the ''victims'' of this year's funny jokes. The Gala was presented by Juanma Iturriaga, Anne Igartiburu, Jacob Petrus and Carolina Casado and featured perfomances by Ana Mena, Merchee, Antonio José, Dvicio, Luis Piedrahita and Fetén, Fetén.