Memento Mori

Memento Mori
Género: Fiction
Fecha de emisión: octubre 2023
Cadena: Prime Video

Directed by Marco A. Castillo and Fran Parra, the series begins when the body of a young woman with her eyelids amputated appears in Valladolid. Inspector Sancho (Francisco Ortiz) foresees a chain of murders, and with the support of “Carapocha” (Juan Echanove), one of the leading experts on serial killers, follows the trail of corpses that Augusto (Yon González), a sociopath with refined tastes, leaves around the city. They soon discover that they are dealing with a killer who commits crimes with a soundtrack and signs the bodies of his victims with poems. What Sancho doesn’t know is that the chase will turn into a very personal duel.