27 Feb 2024

"Lucía en la Telaraña", the second season of the successful "true crime" will be presented at the Malaga Film Festival

The crime of Lucía Garrido, in 2008, uncovered one of the most complex corruption cases of the 21st century in our country. Her murder, on her estate in Alahurín de la Torre (Málaga), concealed a corruption scheme involving the trafficking of exotic animals, drug trafficking, urban corruption and arms trafficking, which involved agents of the Guardia Civil. A case that was the focus of the award-winning RTVE Play docuseries Lucía en la telaraña, which will soon return with a second season on the RTVE platform.

Fifteen years after the crime, the time has come to find out the final outcome of the investigation. The second season of ‘Lucía en la Telaraña’, coming soon to RTVE Play, now directed by Santi Aguado and Sofía Urwitz, will revolve around the repetition of the trial, held in 2023, to solve the crime. The first preview can be seen in the 5 minutes section of the 27th Malaga Festival. A preview that can be seen on 2 March with some of the most outstanding aspects that will be seen in this second instalment.

The second season will consist of two chapters in which new audios, revelations and interviews have been added to give an insight into how drug trafficking operates on the Costa del Sol. A production of CAPA Spain (iZen Group) in association with RTVE, which will soon be available on RTVE Play.

An ending that had to be told

It all began with the investigation of a sexist crime, when the lifeless body of Lucía was found floating in the swimming pool of her ex-partner's estate in Alhaurín de la Torre (Málaga) in 2008. However, the investigation continued until it was discovered that the death was related to dirty business, drug and exotic animal trafficking and criminal activity involving some Guardia Civil officers. The case became known as "Operación Telaraña" (Operation Telaraña).

Fifteen years after Lucía's murder, it is time for the trial where accusations of police corruption in Málaga will be addressed. With former civil guard Ignacio Carrasco as spokesman, family and friends will provide key evidence, as well as Internal Affairs investigators. For their part, the accused, the ex-partner and the alleged hitman, hope to repeat the acquittal they received in 2019.

Mantaining the identity of the first

Sofía Urwitz, responsible for the Photography and Production of the first season, now director of the project, is very satisfied: "In this second season we maintain the identity of the first, incorporating into the story the atmosphere experienced in the trial, a crucial event after 15 years of struggle". Santi Aguado, Co-director and Executive Producer of the docuseries, says: "After the success of the first season of "Lucía en la Telaraña", it seemed to us that the repetition of the trial of Lucía Garrido's crime was the perfect opportunity to make a second season".

The docuseries, created by Tomás Ocaña and Rafa González and premiered in November 2021 on RTVE Play, was a critical success. Leading specialists recognised the quality of the work: Golden Globe for best true crime in the world at the World Media Festivals in Hamburg; best investigative journalism of the year in Spain, in the opinion of the jury of the Association of Investigative Journalists headed by Martín Caparrós; and the only Spanish documentary candidate to win the Award of the Award ‘Prix of the European Union’.