28 May 2024

NewCo Audiovisual (Grupo iZen) secures the rights to the best-seller "Fire Guardian" by author Lena Valenti for adaptation.

NewCo Audiovisual (Grupo iZen) secures the rights to the best-seller
  • "Fire Guardian" is the first novel in the trilogy "The Sacred Fire."
  • Author Lena Valenti is a major player in the romance genre with standout titles like "Masters and Dungeons," "The Order of Cain," and the "Vanir Saga," the latter being her most successful and widely translated work.
Madrid, 28 May 2024. The Catalan brand of the iZen group, NewCo Audiovisual, known for developing fiction, entertainment, and documentary projects, has snapped up the rights to the novel "Fire Guardian," the first part of the "Sacred Fire" trilogy by Lena Valenti, for an audiovisual adaptation. The novels were published in 2023 by Ediciones Grijalbo, part of the international group Random Penguin House, in a record time of seven months.
"Fire Guardian" kicks off the series, followed by "Marked by Flames" and "Hell's Caresses." "Fire Guardian" exudes a hypnotic blend of mystery, fantasy, and reality that keeps readers on their toes. The tale of Ares and Adonis, and their journey through a captivating plot filled with mystery and sensuality, draws readers into a world of legends and demons, sure to thrill any aficionado of compelling stories.
Recently, NewCo Audiovisual premiered the TVMovie "El Rey Peret," a production in collaboration with 3Cat for RTVE. Alex Bas, executive producer of NewCo Audiovisual, remarked on "Fire Guardian": "From the moment Lena's book landed in our hands, we were keen as mustard to back it. A cracking story, set in the iconic city of Badalona, with a loyal readership behind a superb writer. We're buzzing to get started and bring this project to life.”
Author Lena Valenti added: "I'm absolutely chuffed that the audiovisual rights to 'Fire Guardian' have been secured because I wrote it envisioning it as a series or film, and it's as if that vision has materialised. It's one of the stories that most reflects me as a writer, both in style and because it’s set in my hometown. I'm over the moon for the team and the production company behind it."


Marked from birth with striking violet eyes and a mysterious family legacy, Ares Parisi has always lived as an ordinary girl until she uncovers secrets and mysteries beyond her wildest dreams. She decides to seek the help of the dashing Adonis, who leads her on a journey into a dark and sensual world where legends and reality intertwine.

About the Author

Lena Valenti is considered a literary unicorn due to her versatility and prolific career. With nearly eighty books under her belt and over a million copies sold, including the popular Vanir Saga, Masters and Dungeons, The Order of Cain, The Becca's Couch, and The Mediator, among others, the Badalonian writer has crafted a world of sagas, pentalogies, trilogies, and duologies in the adult romance genre, known as the "Lenaverse," perfect for any reader who enjoys gripping plots with a good dose of passion and sensuality.
Although she writes for an adult audience, she doesn't like to be pigeonholed and believes her books are for anyone ready to dive into an unconventional romantic genre with plenty of allure.
Her novels have been translated into German, Italian, Cyrillic, Portuguese, and English, and are also sold in the Latin American market. She has received several awards, including the Sant Jordi Culture Prize and the Jaén Prize for Best Novel "Hasta los huesos."