15 Feb 2024

(P)Ícaro: El Pequeño Nicolás (CAPA Spain) now available on Netflix

(P)Ícaro: El Pequeño Nicolás (CAPA Spain) now available on Netflix

The three episodes of the docuseries "(P)Ícaro: El Pequeño Nicolás" about Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias, known (worldwide) as "El Pequeño Nicolás", premiere today on Netflix. They tell the incredible story of the rise and fall of Francisco Nicolás and how he put the government in check. A young man who, at the age of 14, went from public relations in nightclubs to rubbing shoulders with politicians, businessmen, secret services and even the Royal House. At the age of just 20, the Spanish rogue rose to fame, gaining access to the most exclusive circles in Spain.

The docuseries produced by CAPA Spain, documentary brand of the iZen Group, is directed by Tomás Ocaña with Arantza Sánchez as Executive Producer and Adolfo Moreno at the head of the script team. Throughout the episodes, the documentary narrates, through different protagonists and unpublished material, the most controversial moments of the case, which is still open and celebrates the 10th anniversary of the outbreak of the "Nicolay case".

Interestingly, the investigation lasted more than a year. The investigation team has read in detail more than 35,000 pages from six different proceedings, all of which have already been prosecuted. In total, more than 100 hours of interviews were recorded. The editing and scripting of the three episodes were validated by a lawyer specialised in investigative journalism and a legal team, using fact-checking methodology.