11 Apr 2023

‘Una matemática viene a verte’, a new programme on La 2 of TVE

‘Una matemática viene a verte’, a new programme on La 2 of TVE

La 2 premieres a new programme: 'Una matemática viene a verte', an educational programme that will bring mathematics closer to all audiences through rigour, entertainment and good humour. And it will do so through a prescriber with an extensive background in popularisation: Clara Grima, one of the most internationally renowned mathematicians.

Mathematics surrounds us in all aspects of our lives, it is much more than solving equations or calculating square roots. It is full of creativity and wonderful ideas and will be a central part of socio-economic development in the 21st century.

Clara Grima will visit places and interview people of recognised prestige dedicated to different professional activities. Thus, starting from everyday situations, easily identifiable by the audience, she will discover what mathematics are hidden in them.

Throughout the season, she will look at various topics in which mathematics have a lot to do, such as music, communication with machines, games of chance, vote counting in elections, journalism, chess, weather forecasts, influencers and social networks, gastronomy, and video games.

Premiere this Wednesday April 12th at 7:30pm on La 2 and RTVE Play.

‘Una matemática viene a verte’ is produced by EuroTV Producciones.