11 Sep 2023

‘Operación Brooklyn’ (CAPA Spain) arrives on RTVE Play on 27 September.

The three episodes on the case of the "patera aérea" will be available on RTVE Play

07 Sep 2023

'Disfruta Madrid' every afternoon

Jota Abril will be the presenter of the programme, accompanied by Minerva Piquero and María Gracia.

19 Jul 2023

‘El Grand Prix del Verano’ back on La 1 on Monday July 24th

Premire on Monday July 24th at 22:35 on La 1 and RTVE Play

05 Jul 2023

The 'Grand Prix del Verano' is coming back very soon!

Ramón García will be joined by presenter and content creator Cristinini and actress Michelle Calvó, alongside Wilbur

21 Jun 2023

Cristinini and Michelle Calvo will accompany Ramón García in 'El Grand Prix del verano'

The competition is back with a new logo, inspired by the old one, but with a new twist, and has announced the list of the eight competing villages

08 Jun 2023

Santi Aguado joins CAPA Spain (iZen Group) as new General Manager

Aguado Will lead the group’s documentary division and will continue to develop CAPA Spain’s projects

11 May 2023

Premiere of “Adictos a la pantalla”

An Onza production directed by Tomás Ocaña, Director of CAPA Spain (iZen Group), together with Alejandra Andrade.

10 May 2023

"La última lidia" in theatres

The documentary film will be released on 12 May in several cities.

11 Abr 2023

‘Una matemática viene a verte’, a new programme on La 2 of TVE

Premiere on April 12th at 7:30pm on La 2 and RTVE Play. Produced by EuroTV Producciones.

16 Mar 2023

Capa España premieres the documentary "La última lidia" at Malaga Film Festival 2023

Grupo iZen's documentary brand premiered the documentary on 14 March at the Auditorium of the Picasso Museum as part of the Documentales Pases Especiales programme

27 Feb 2023

The documentary series "Ciencia Maps" will premiere on 2 March

A documentary series by CAPA Spain in collaboration with FECYT and RTVE