16 Sep 2021

Netflix announces release date for 'Insiders'

'Insiders', the first Spanish Netflix reality show will release worldwide on October 21st.

06 Sep 2021

Netflix reveals the secret of 'Insiders' at the Festval

This Friday, Álvaro Díaz, Netflix's Entertainment Director, presented 'Insiders', a reality show produced by iZen at the Vitoria FesTVal..

23 Jun 2021

S2 of 'El Cid', produced by Zebra, arrives next July on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has unveiled the official trailer and release date for the second season of the Amazon Original El Cid series

31 May 2021

El Cid will have a second season on Amazon Prime Video

After the successful launch of the first season, Jaime Lorente returns to the front of the great cast of the second season that will soon premiere.

12 May 2021

Najwa Nimri takes on the front of reality 'Insiders'

The actress Najwa Nimri (Money Heist and Vis a Vis) changes her skin to host Insiders, the first Netflix reality show in Spain.

27 Abr 2021

iZen joins the French production company Newen (TF1), which acquires a majority stake

The audiovisual production group iZen has joined the French production company Newen, thus reinforcing its international projection.

14 Abr 2021

'Esta es tu noche', by Europroducciones, returns to Canal Sur to liven up Monday nights

The most exciting nights return to Canal Sur where we will learn more Andalusian stories that deserve to be told. The program, hosted by the Malaga presenter Eva Ruiz, will have the Andalusians as the main protagonists. Anonymous stories that once again will have the opportunity to be known and recognized.

07 Abr 2021

Zebra has produced the documentary 'Haramain, the desert train' for Amazon Prime Video and FlixOlé

Amazon Prime Video and FlixOlé release the documentary "Haramain, the desert train" in which the largest Spanish industrial project abroad and one of the great technological challenges is shown, the high-speed train between Mecca and Medina (Arabia Saudi).

31 Mar 2021

‘A country to laugh at’: Goyo Jiménez looks for the funniest place in Spain on La 2 de TVE

"A country to laugh at" produced by RTVE in collaboration with Hill Valley, the group's humor brand, will feature Goyo Jiménez, who will be in charge of touring the country looking for the best comedians.

18 Ene 2021

The filming of the co-production between TV3 and NewCo Audiovisual, a partner of Grupo iZen: “Berenaveu a les fosques” begins

The work focuses on a group of seven characters from the working class, who live in Barcelona and represent the different individual and social attitudes 
towards the regime and life.