22 Feb 2023

CAPA Spain will premiere "La última lidia" at the Malaga Film Festival 2023

Grupo iZen's documentary brand will premiere the documentary film on Tuesday 14th March in the Auditorium of the Picasso Museum as part of the Documentary Special Passes programme

24 Ene 2023

iZen Group and Non Stop create "Cacao & Cía"

The new production company will work with Spanish and Latin American talent to produce content in Spanish for the world

19 Ene 2023

CAPA Spain, the documentary brand of the iZen Group, and the production company Entrefronteras finish "Operación Brooklyn"

The true story of the mass flight of passengers from a plane that landed in Palma now has its own documentary

18 Ene 2023

Juliana Barrera joins iZen's fiction team

Juliana Barrera ends her time at Netflix Spain and joins Grupo iZen

07 Dic 2022

The program "Quen Anda Aí?" registers an audience record for the season

On 28 November "Quen anda aí?" on TV Galicia recorded its highest ever audience share of 15.9%.

27 Oct 2022

The nights of 'A Tu Vera' are back in Castilla-La Mancha Media!

This Saturday, 29th October, premiere of the fourteenth season of 'A Tu Vera' on Castila-La Mancha Media.

19 Oct 2022

Minerva Piquero and Jota Abril premiere

A format produced by EuroTV of Grupo iZen that will be broadcasted on Saturdays and Sundays at 7:30 pm on Telemadrid.

23 Sep 2022

Filming begins on the series ‘Memento Mori’, a Zebra production for Prime Video

Memento Mori will have six 45-minute episodes produced by Zebra Producciones (Grupo iZen).

06 Jul 2022

Contestant José de la Vega wins the second edition of 'Duel de Veus'

The FINAL OF ‘Duel de Veus’ registered its maximum of the season on July 2 with a 5.1% share, 59,000 viewers and 202,000 accumulated unique contacts.

23 May 2022

iZen Group launches CAPA Spain

CAPA is currently the leading report and documentary agency in France. 

28 Abr 2022

'Duel de veus' is back!

It will be released this Friday 29th april at 22:00h in À Punt.

26 Abr 2022

Netflix announces the release of 'Insiders' second season

The Spanish Netflix reality show will be released on May 19th.