17 Sep 2020

First images of “El Cid”, our next great production for Amazon Original

Amazon Prime Video has released the first set of images of its next Spanish Amazon Original production, “El Cid”, which will premiere this year in more than 240 countries and territories around the world, starring Jaime Lorente (“Money Heist”, “Everybody knows”).

13 Abr 2020

Esta es tu noche returns to Canal sur

Eva Ruiz and her team have reformulated the format to entertain all Andalusians during these days of quarantine

24 Ene 2020

Quen anda aí, a new program in the afternoon of TVG

Quen anda aí program premieres this Monday on Galicia Television. A live magazine ready to make more entertaining the afternoons and to connect people with similar hobbies or common needs.

01 Oct 2019

Filming commences in Spain for Amazon Original series El Cid

Amazon Prime Video today announced that filming has commenced in Spain on El Cid, one of the most ambitious Amazon Original TV drama series to be shot in Spain this year. The show has begun filming in Soria and will continue in Burgos and Aragón, where the Sultanate of Zaragoza will be recreated, with an unprecedented production spanning more than 4,000m2 of set, with over 200 production staff and 11,000 extras. The Spanish Amazon Original series El Cid will launch in 2020 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.
El Cid brings to life one of the most fascinating ages in Spanish history, where battles for power and the coexistence of cultures turned the Iberic Peninsula into a border between two conflicting worlds.

24 Jul 2019

The challenge of the AVE of the desert, a documentary about the largest industrial project abroad

Zebra producciones adds to his professional trajectory the challenge of recording a documentary in extreme conditions, together with the well-known director Gerardo Olivares. This documentary shows the largest Spanish industrial project abroad and one of the great technological challenges, the high-speed train between Mecca and Medina (Saudi Arabia), Haramain High Speed ​​Railway.

22 Jul 2019

El Cid will be one of the biggest Amazon Original productions in Europe

Amazon Prime Video announced today that Jaime Lorente (Money Heist, Everybody Knows) will play Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar in El Cid, a series inspired by the mythic historical Spanish character

22 Mar 2019

The documentary Jamon, a story of essence nominated at the Malaga Film Festival

Cinema Cocina is dedicated to culinary films and this year it will include many films and activities related to film, cooking and gastronomy held in parallel with the movie screenings.

14 Feb 2019

El Cid, new Prime Original Series from Amazon Prime

Created and produced by Zebra Producciones the new Spanish Prime Original series, El Cid, retells from a contemporary perspective the story of the most famous Spaniard in history, a man trapped between two worlds and two cultures.

28 Ene 2019

La 1 launches Derecho a sonar,

La 1 premieres Derecho a soñar', its new daily series whose main action will be developed in a major law firm. The protagonists will be immersed in treason, love and ambition as they fight to help their clients . Produced by RTVE in collaboration with Boca a Boca Producciones, it has a wide cast, with Alba Ribas and Jon Arias in the leading roles.

26 Oct 2018

Centro medico: 3 years and more than 1000 episodes

On October 26 it will be 3 years since Spanish Public Channel La 1 of TVE began broadcasting. Centro medico..
This aniversary coincides with the launching of a new health and lifestyle, Centro Medico, app that will allow viewers to find out more about some of the ailments and illnesses featured in the long-running show. The series sees actors playing the medical team while ordinary people play the patients and  is based upon Dutch producer Tuvalu’s format The Clinic.

13 Sep 2018

TVE makes appointment for more Centro Medico

The series 'Centro medico", broadcasted on La 1 TVE from Monday to Friday at 18:20, launches new chapters new stories, new hospital and a new way of seeing the series through new technologies.

06 Jun 2018

Joan Bas, Alexandre Bas team up with Izen Producciones to add Newco to the iZen Group

iZen Producciones, Spain’s leading independent production group, has joined with multi-award winning producers Joan and Alexandre Bas to form Newco Audiovisual. Based in Barcelona, Newco will be dedicated to the development and production of drama series for both national and international partners.
Joan is one of Spain’s most renowned drama producers whose most recent production, a period adaptation of Ildefonso Falcones’s best selling novel, La Catedral del Mar (Cathedral by the Sea) has just launched to record breaking ratings on Antena3, in partnership with Netflix.